World Wide Shipping …Fast!

We ship to anywhere in the world - its up the the customer to know the laws in their zone. We offer various types of shipping with or without tracking, stealth and courier by your choice. We always ship the same day we recieve payment.

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No return policy

We can and do not accept any form of returns to us. If you order via Cash on deliver (Swedish customs only) and dont pickup your package in time you will be blacklisted immediately and lose your bonus points and invite privilege.

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Open registration for now, Invite required later.

Some of our options like Cash on Delivery reqire you to be invited (for Swedish customers) If you break any rules or dont pick up your package then you and your inviter will be blacklisted. Later on we will operate on closed invite system only.

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Discount Packages

Check out our discount packages for even cheaper prices!

The 10% Rule

We always give atleast 10% extra on all products!